Are you victim of ransomware ?
We can help you.

After opening a malicious attachment in an email sent by cybercriminals, your files may crypted by the ransomware named Cryptolocker.

The Crypt0L0cker ransomware encrypts all files on your computer by adding either a random extension of 6 characters after the name of the file and other times extensions defined as .encrypted and .vendeta. It leaves ransom note files named DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.html and DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.txt with the instructions to explain victims how to pay a ransom to hackers to get their data recovered.

Our decryption experts with the help of Dr.Web often manage to recover files after encryption by Cryptolocker ransomware.

To request a decryption of your compromised files by the Crypt0L0cker ransomware, please contact our decryption service at by sending with :

This service is free of charge for infected machine running with a Dr.Web antivirus license at the time of encryption. For computers equipped with another IT security solution, a contribution to the analysis and decryption costs may be requested only if the complete decryption of the files is feasible. Do not hesitate to contact our decryption service at

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